G.R. Business

Customer care

G.R. Business is a company specialized in the field of call center services. The company offers customer support, telemarketing, sales and technical support services to a wide range of domestic and international clients. Equipped with a large network of highly qualified operators and a cutting-edge technological infrastructure, G.R. Business is able to offer customized and high-quality solutions to meet the needs of its customers efficiently and effectively.

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The Tipanan, located in an elegant location by the sea, is a real treasure for lovers of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. The passion for cooking is evident in every detail, from the care in choosing seasonal ingredients to the welcoming environment. Mediterranean fish cuisine is at the center of their attention, at the same time, the principles of Washoku are the beating heart of their Japanese cuisine, with sophisticated cooking techniques and cooking methods and a rigorous selection of raw materials.

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Commercial Agent

Commercial agent since 2015, he has many years of professional experience gained in the food sector, dealing with the promotion of products in both small and large retailers. He has already represented for several years companies such as: Loacker, Dal Colle, Rovelli, Twinings, Lorenz, Pema, Acqua Leo, STS International (Think Green), Cantarelli, Zuarina, Clai, Brivio, Grandi Marche.

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Luigi Mirabelli, aka Drugho, is an exceptionally talented photographer who lives in Milan. With a deep passion for photography and an unwavering dedication to his craft, he has built up a wealth of experience and has become an expert at capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments and turning them into unforgettable images. His command of light and his skillful use of photographic techniques have earned him recognition as a highly skilled and respected professional in the photography industry.

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Event Organization

Lumen is an underground party event organization based in Rome, Italy. The party invites international artists to showcase their skills in creating dancefloor-shaking music. Along with the party events, Lumen also operates a podcast series and sound-conception. This is a platform where music enthusiasts can experience the newest and most innovative sounds in the industry.

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Surfboard Shaper

Genova72 is a mini surfboard factory located in southern Italy that specializes in creating custom surfboards for surfers of all levels. They use top-quality materials to ensure that the boards perform exceptionally well and last for a long time. With years of experience in surfboard design and construction, Genova72 has established a reputation as a trusted name in the surf industry in southern Italy.

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